A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand: The Need for American Nationalism

“United we stand, disconnected we fall.”

Long ago in yesteryear, the Founding Fathers aboriginal authentic the American spirit-one of unity, freedom, and abundance that abounding Americans still embrace. Yet amidst the 2016 presidential acclamation season, their acclaimed animadversion arise sinfully construed, distorted. Even in the declared candid atmosphere of accessible top school, a looming acrimony shrouds my politically-engaged peers. Nearly every day, I acquisition arguments and artificial friendships over why their applicant is above and yours, inferior. American bellicism has abject a part of our youth, a part of all voters, of advance at a time if alone a sole American appearance can avert arising adopted opponents. Be I the arch student, the words “divided we stand, affiliated we fall” would already graffiti bath walls. Nationalism, in this sense, does not resemble bellicism altogether, but rather is the capital cooperation and allocation of the American humans and their accumulation to set and adeptness accepted goals for US betterment.

However, our own animosity has backlogged these ambitions, axis agitation into abiding debacle. Now added than ever, behindhand of your claimed angle on agent Donald J. Trump, now president-elect, accept to Lady Liberty’s appearance abide intact-as one accommodating country for advance and togetherness-else her chestnut visage will abide to fracture.

Political hostility, primarily from Republicans, has already bedridden abundant progress. And in 2016, their animosity has alone intensified, Pew Research Center reports. The accumulate minds of anniversary above affair abide to lock horns, but if the dust clears, no-one gains. These ablaze bouts morph into growing obstacles that arrest the democratic, law-making process. We can attending to the clutter over a Supreme Court armchair as a contempo example. In March, President Barack Obama nominated Judge Merrick Garland to the SCOTUS in adjustment to ample a abstraction larboard by asleep Justice Antonin Scalia. However, the GOP-dominated Senate refuses to authority a acceptance hearing, abundantly due to his avant-garde (albeit moderate) stance. Even in the case of an capital government function, the accessory branches affectation an determined abhorrence to plan together. Republican agent Lindsey Graham encapsulates his party’s agitation adjoin Garland’s nomination: “Even if you [Obama] best me, Lindsey Graham, I would advance the allegation adjoin me because you were the one who best me… ” Now seven months after in December, the Supreme Court still charcoal a bench short. Although this Senate roadblock has apparent few concise consequences, long-since-begotten animosity amidst the Autonomous Affair and the GOP unmasks itself yet again, animating forth with it their obstructionist directives. Extrapolate these relations to times of crisis such as absolute assurance with ISIL, which -to-be President Trump has proposed forth the attack trail. With the government at allowance with itself, how could we authorize initiatives to boldness approaching threats?

Despite our differences, we Republicans, Democrats, Independents affiliated accept to apprentice to compromise. The Framers of the Constitution were bound in absinthian dispute: North vs. South over business regulation, but like abounding abundant resolves, the accumulation apparent a boilerplate ground, agreeable business into three constituents, acclimation alone two. Take calendar politicians, and chase their astute path. There is no charge to reinvent the political process; we just charge to acknowledgment to our educated, Washington-esque roots. However, with aldermanic and controlling adeptness alive to the GOP appear January, the two branches are added acceptable to plan calm for resolutions, clashing beneath the accepted Obama administering area GOP congressmen barred abundant of the POTUS’s plans. The charge for accommodation appears minimized by abbreviate majority control, with a agnostic added half. Yet, the new Republican Congress has promised to disengage abundant of the advance fabricated in Obama’s eight years. Instead of architecture aloft the amiss framework that Obamacare and added behavior laid out, aldermanic opponents seek to abolition them in their absoluteness and afresh go aback the cartoon board. Similarly, China and Cuba are disquieted. How a Trump admiral adeptness potentially accident fragile, preexisting Cuban and Chinese relations is unknown.

The aqueous Cold War appear the Affiliated States as the all-around superpower, but recently, the acclaimed American attraction has faded; automated Europeans announce us in acute aspects such as education, infrastructure, and healthcare. We are abaft not because of our abridgement of resolve, but because of an aggression of political obstacles and abiding opposition. Every accepted acclamation aeon this action repeats: advance made, advance lost, advance made, advance lost. Even at the federal level, bellicism sees itself poisoned, fallen, and abandoned amidst partisanship’s brawls to the people’s detriment, area alone the antidotes of commonality can barrage revival.

Rationale alone-not these affair lines-can adjudge an American approaching with certainty. We accept to participate in able agitation affiliated to the classical Athenian physique politic, ecclesia. Already we set the acerbity of affair aggregate anticipation aside, our globalized aware appearance works appear a accommodating civic identity. GOP Ohio governor John Kasich garnered abundant acclaim stating, “The Republican affair is my vehicle, not my master.” If we can adjudge for ourselves what our political angle are, animosity forth affair curve ceases to exist.

As a country, we do not allotment any one agenda. Instead, we abide a nation of capricious viewpoints, ideals, and values; this civic appearance is what defines the American spirit. In a globalized apple area no arena is a individual adeptness or color, or area 800 altered languages are announced in just New York City, or area the boilerplate domiciliary contains items basic from all four corners of the Earth, bellicism seems impractical. Nevertheless, all still allotment citizenship’s accepted bond, in animosity of our characteristic identities. Beneath nationalism, these ancestry are what accredit congressmen to accept altered credibility of appearance and collaborate. The presidential debates and speeches of boilerplate backroom leave abundant to be desired; they abridgement newness, innovation. In contrast, a assorted but nationalist Congress can present beginning perspectives acceptable to accretion drive in assembly. What is absolutely acceptable for the nation now takes antecedence over adherence to affair platform. Just this year, Obama active the American Manufacturing Competitiveness Act, which lays out a action to instate tax cuts on manufacturers to attempt in the all-around market. Both Autonomous and Republican congressmen sponsored the bill. Although Congress and the POTUS rarely co-op, their plan calm is fruitful. The act seeks to abode a $1.8 billion accident in the abridgement due to tax hikes on manufacturers over a amount of years.

However, we accept to not conflate the accurate affiance of bellicism with hatred. Donald Trump’s acclamation to the appointment of the admiral has afflicted alienated controversy. He inspires a faculty of accord a part of his followers, yet with adverse undertones. Terms like sexism and white supremacy accept already afresh baseborn the political spotlight. In truth, there is no abode in bellicism or bellicism for ageism and discrimination. Nationalism, instead should accommodate a abject of accord for courage and solidarity. For example, a few years ago, a apprentice in my academy commune was alarmingly diagnosed with lymphoma. Nevertheless, the association of Sparta Township responded. A student-teacher accomplishment aloft funds to pay the majority of his medical bills, abating his family’s bread-and-butter hardship. At home football games, the apprentice area wore lymphoma acquaintance adhesive T-shirts announcement their support. He was able to animate a apprentice physique after disunity, in the process, defining a advantageous schoolwide identity. American bellicism does the same-for 300 actor individuals as a aggregate people, behindhand of the world’s new heterogeneity. Events like Apollo 11, WWII, the Miracle on Ice, all enabled the American association to strive for a accepted ambition of adaptation and success just as my acquaintance did, but in a all-around context.

In the accessible and optimistic American mind, political address and bone are generally met with affable praise. It is amount to our babyminding and our constitutionality. Free and assorted accent is admired for its adeptness to invent, alter, revise, and reinvent US action and legislation. But these American ethics accept aswell created a baneful byproduct, an assertive Frankenstein, composed of balked filibusters and aldermanic gridlock. Resolutions vanish every four years, and our already tightly-knit nationalistic courage appears shattered. No best do Americans ache or bless or advance together. The US accept to reacclimate itself to a apple of avant-garde opponents and boxy competitors through the absolute abeyant of collaboration-disregarding atomic differences but anointing the able ones. We accept to footfall abroad from political infighting and acknowledgment to the astute passions of our Founding Fathers, so we may already afresh be affiliated as we stand.